A woman of passion Full of revenge Endlessly fascinating I had my 9th grade students read Medea. A challenging read full of manipulation, a woman full of rage and bewildered passion, and a man that sparked it all. So, if you’re familiar with play, you know that Medea murders her own children because they are … More Medea

A Declaration

I never wanted to be cautious I wanted to throw caution to the wind But everywhere I turn I see failure Terrified of my own success My own strength Knowing that I’ve climbed that mountain But I can go even higher So what am I afraid of? Am I afraid of becoming the person clawing … More A Declaration

To Walt Whitman: what I hear America singing today

I hear America singing Animosity and hate I hear America singing No Screaming Bigger walls Tighter security Don’t let them into our country As if this country was ever there’s to begin with I hear America singing Of poisoned water Poverty And bullets raining down on an innocent crowd I hear America singing Of left … More To Walt Whitman: what I hear America singing today

The Dock

There is a place so gentle that it will forever be in my heart. It captured me with its beauty and silence. A gentle way of telling the truths of nature and cleansing its surroundings. For it is not in my possession and I have only been there enough times to count on my fingertips, … More The Dock